Archival Donations

To be representative of the whole society, history must be written using everyone’s point of view. Archival documents are a unique window into the journey and contribution of a person, family or organization. They contain valuable information that can greatly enrich the knowledge of a region, a population, and a culture. Those documents are witnesses to history and it is important to preserve them for future generations.

What is an archival document ?


The Archives Act defines archival documents as being:

the body of documents of all kinds, regardless of date, created or received by a person or body in meeting requirements or carrying on activities, preserved for their general information value.

Examples of archival documents

Official documents
Notarized deeds – Certificate of localisation
Identification document
Passports, visas – Birth, wedding, or death certificates
Personal documents
Journals – Correspondence (letters, postcards) – Planners
Financial documents
Receipts – Account records – Invoices – Tax return statements
Report cards – Diplomas and certificates – Course notes and school projects
Personal documents
Photographs – Videos – Sound recordings – Genealogical documents
Professional documents
Contracts and letters – Planning documents for projects or events
Cultural event tickets – Cultural event programs – Drawings

Archival donations to the SPB


The Société du patrimoine des Beaucerons is always looking to enrich its fonds and collections to improve the knowledge of the regional history and culture. It relies mainly on two modes of acquisition:




It is possible to offer the Société du patrimoine des Beaucerons your archives during your lifetime and, thus, to allow the SPB team to accompany you in sorting your documents. You can request that a donation receipt be given to you by the SPB for the amount of the fair market value of the documents donated.




It is possible to add to your will your intention to bequeath your archives to the Société du patrimoine des Beaucerons. This will ensure that your documents are transferred to the SPB following your death.

By donating you archives to the Société du patrimoine des Beaucerons you:

Share your story and contribute to enriching the knowledge of Beauce

Ensure the preservation of your documents in optimal preservation conditions

Contribute to the preservation, presentation, and dissemination Beauceron heritage

Avoid losing or destroying valuable information about your journey

Acquisition process


Here are the steps for the acquisition process of archival documents :

Donation offer


The donor contacts the SPB to offer archival documents.

Acquisition project

The archivist prepares an acquisition project that includes a detailed description of the documents offered by the donor.

Review of the acquisition project and decision

The acquisition project is reviewed by the Acquisitions Committee to determine whether the documents are consistent with the SPB’s acquisition policy and a recommendation is made to the SPB Board of Directors who will be making the final decision.

Donation agreement

The archivist and the donor negotiate the terms of the donation agreement (confidentiality, license, etc.) Following the signature of the agreement, the documents are transfered to the SPB.

Monetary Appraisal

If requested, the SPB conducts a monetary appraisal of the documents by an external appraiser and then issues a donation receipt for the amount of faire market value of the documents.

Acquisition policy


For more details on the types of documents the SPB is seeking to acquire, please read our acquisition policy (in french only).