The Beauce Historical Society (La Société du patrimoine de Beaucerons) was founded in 1976. It is a regional archive organization with specific goals such as preserving and developing the cultural patrimony and making it known.
The society also played an active role in the conservation of the convent. In 1985 this building was classified a historical site of Saint-Joseph de Beauce, Québec, Canada. This monument also holds the complete collection. Thanks to its archival experts, all this information has been made accessible for research.

Its presence has provoked a cultural awareness among local groups thus giving birth to many historical societies. In 1987, Beauce celebrated its 250 years of history. This period is noted for being the turning point in the tourism industry. The Society published its first monograph about the Beauce regional history entitled “La Beauce et les Beaucerons, portraits d’une region 1737-1987”. This is still a valuable and basic textbook.

Some of the Society’s other mandates consist in making inventories of architectural sites such as, calvaries at road crosses and domestic chapels or places of devotion. It has also collaborated in several monographs on local history. A regional domestic architectural exhibition has also been developed and toured over the years.

In 1994, a renovated regional archive center was relocated on the 4th floor of the convent, better known today as “Maison de la culture”. Our center has been fully approved by the National Archives of Québec.

It collaborated in the publication of a photo album in 1991 called "L’Imprévisible Chaudière" which illustrates the great debacles of the river from St-Georges to Scott.

The Society published another work in May 2003 called "Trésor religieux de la Beauce" dedicated to the local religious heritage.
In 2007 a booklet was printed: "L’Ensemble institutionnel et le Palais de Justice de St-Joseph de Beauce". This work was accomplished thanks to the collaboration of the chief archivist, Mr. Daniel Carrier.
In 2007, under the supervision of Mr. Marcel Cliche, La Société du Patrimoine des Beaucerons also published: "Répertoire des baptêmes, mariages et sépultures et Annotations marginales et Répertoire des pionniers de la paroisse Saint-Joseph-de-la-Nouvelle Beauce 1737-2006"