La Société du patrimoine des Beaucerons makes accessible important documentation to researchers:

- More than 6.500 history and genealogy books and periodicals (see Genealogy section), of which are all the monographs of local and regional history published on the territories of Beauce, Etchemins and the surroundings.

Regional newspapers:

-La Vallée de la Chaudière
-Le Guide
-Le Dorchester
-Beauce Média
-Hebdo régional

-Cadastral Documents (lot numbers and names of the owners in the XIXe century

Inventory of the architectural patrimony

In the years 1978-1980, the "Société du patrimoine des Beaucerons" (Society of patrimony of Beaucerons) realized the architectural inventory of the main buildings and the most beautiful houses of the Chaudière Vallée, in the municipalities of
Saint-Georges, Notre-Dame-des-Pins, Beauceville, Saint-Joseph-de-Beauce,
Saint-Frédéric, Vallée-Jonction and Sainte-Marie.

This inventory of the architectural patrimony has been put on index cards with
photos of buildings taken at the time of the inventory. All the houses of
Saint-Joseph-de-Beauce were then listed. A lot of information is found there, in particular, the building date, the name of the manufacturer and the list of the owners.

Expertise of Daniel Carrier, archivist and historian of the art.





Religious patrimony inventory

The region of Beauce has the highest density of road crosses in North America.
At the end of the1970s, as well as in the 1990’s, the Beauce Historical Society
(La Société du patrimoine des Beaucerons) realized an inventory of the road crosses
and the other places of worship situated in:

Audet, Beauceville, Courcelles, East Broughton, Frampton, Lac-Etchemin,
La Guadeloupe, Notre-Dame-des-Pins, Sts-Anges, St-Alfred, St-Anselme, St-Benjamin,
St-Benoît-Labre, St-Bernard, St-Côme, St-Cyprien, St-Elzéar,
St-Éphrem, St-Évariste, St-Frédéric, St-Gédéon,
St-Georges, St-Gilles, St-Hilaire-de-Dorset, St-Honoré, St-Isidore,
St-Jean-de-la-Lande, St-Joseph-de-Beauce, St-Joseph-des-Érables, St-Jules,
St-Léon-de-Standon, St-Ludger, St-Malachie, St-Martin, St-Narcisse, St-Odilon,
St-Patrice-de-Beaurivage, St-Philibert, St-Prosper, St-René, St-Robert-Bellarmin,
St-Romain, St-Sébastien, St-Séverin, St-Simon-les-Mines, St-Sylvestre,
St-Théophile, St-Victor, St-Zacharie, Ste-Aurélie, Ste-Claire,
Ste-Clotilde, Ste-Hénédine, Ste-Justine, Ste-Marguerite, Ste-Rose-de-Watford,
Scott, Tring-Jonction and Vallée-Jonction.

In May 2003, the Beauce Historical Society (La Société du patrimoine des Beaucerons) published Trésors religieux de la Beauce which is devoted to the principal elements of the religious patrimony of the territory.